How to Remove Mediashifting and redirection

Are you experiencing a redirection whenever you click on a google search result? does it redirects you to mediashifting or finally i found the solution for this thing! don’t download anything to remove this malware infection except this!

I have been experiencing this mediashifting and redirection for months! For the creator of this malware, may you rot in hell!!! I have installed many malware and spyware removal tool but no luck! So for you who got the same poor thing like i did, look no more.

Just download the Anti rootkit removal tool from Kaspersky. Lucky i finally stranded on this video:

Finished watching? all you gotta do is download the anti rootkit removal tool from Kaspersky to remove the malware that redirects all your google search result to mediashifting and

Download the tool here : (tdsskiller.exe)

Run the removal tool

Restart your computer/laptop and your done!

Thank GOD! and thanks dailypchelp!